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A Full Line of Quality Fasteners for Construction
From stainless steel drill screws and mechanical anchors to specialty fasteners for concrete, steel and wood, Hurripanel Fasteners has the right product to speed installation and ensure high performance of your building project.

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Most fasteners and tools we supply are manufactured in the U.S.A.

stainless steel
Stainless Steel Screws

Bi-metal, 300 series stainless steel and 410 stainless steel screws, featuring Stalgard corrosion-resistant coating. See our selection

TapFlex structural screw
Structural Screws for Construction

Dril-Flex drill screws and Tap-Flex tapping screws are dual-hardened to meet Grade 5 specifications and ease installation.

concrete anchors
Concrete/Masonry Anchors

A wide variety of engineered fasteners for high performance in concrete and masonry. Includes carbon steel and stainless steel anchors. See our selection

Drill Screws/ Fasteners for Metal

Drillers (Teks), reamers and tappers, with or without sealing washers, plus Fab-Lok bolt and sleeve fasteners. See out selection

N Rivet
NEW! Nail Rivets – Coming Soon!

Avdel N Rivets with advanced mandrel retention for high peformance. Available in stainless steel, steel and aluminum.

HangerMate threaded rod anchors
Threaded Rod System Anchors

install plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler and other systems more quickly and easily with HangerMate threaded rod anchors.


Hurricane season will be here soon! Protect your home and/or business with these proven systems.

  • Certified, corrugated plastic hurricane storm panels outperform and outclass plywood
  • Approved, corrosion-resistant, engineered anchors speed installation
  • Many products Miami-Dade and TDI approved
  • Hurricane Ike tested and proven: See actual photos and read the story!
Storm panels
Certified Hurricane Storm Panels

Corrugated plastic storm panels are a superior alternative to plywood. GE Lexan and Polygal polycarbonate panels can be custom cut for your openings.

PanelMate storm panel anchors
Hurricane Storm Panel Anchors
Hurricane Hutch
Hurricane Protection Accessories
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Fasteners for Construction
Learn more about our wide selection of
hurricane storm protection systems